One of the things we appreciate most about the Steam Oven from Thermador, is the variety of cooking and food preparation options it offers. Realistically, when you have a new appliance that offers so many options it will take a little time until you get comfortable using all them all.

Seventeen years ago when the first Steam Oven was installed in our Showroom I must admit I wasn’t sure what to do with it either but each time we cooked in it clients commented on the superior flavor and texture of the food and that spurred us on to experiment as much as possible.

The important thing to remember about cooking in the Steam Oven is that you don’t need special recipes, you can continue to cook the food you have always cooked but now you must be brave and try cooking it in the Steam Oven. Since the oven has so many functions you have lot’s of options, for information on timing consult the cooking tables in the Thermador User Guide.

Steam – use this mode to steam grains, vegetables, shellfish, fish and even bone-in chicken. You can also poach or “boil” eggs and steam custards.

Combination Convection & Steam – use this mode for roasting, meats, poultry, fish and vegetables, baking and braising.

Convection – use this mode for general roasting and baking without Steam

Re-Heating – the best way to heat previously cooked food, yes it takes a little longer but the results are amazing.

Slow Cooking – not to be confused with Crock Pot cooking, this mode is designed for achieving amazing results when cooking lean tender cuts of meat. In this mode we cook the meat “low and slow” let it rest then prior to serving give it a high heat finish in Convection 400 degrees. When you master cooking in this mode you will begin to appreciate the true magic of cooking with this Steam Oven.

Defrosting – again it is slower, at least 30 minutes but only the ice crystals dissolve so foods are not at all par cooked during the process.

Proofing – a warm draft-free place is always recommended for proofing but the ideal environment is one that also has moisture present.

Keep Warm – keep all your food piping hot and ready to serve just the same way it’s done in restaurants.

Once you get comfortable with this amazing tool I hope you will find as we have that not only does the food we cook in the oven taste amazing, its also much easier to cook most foods in the Thermador Steam Oven.