Using their own European factories, Drummonds craftsmen, and their time-honored manufacturing techniques, continue to define classic bathroom quality and lifestyle.


Drummonds was founded in 1988 by Drummond Shaw, who at the time was restoring his period house and was finding it difficult to find nice original bathroom pieces that could be restored and used with modern plumbing systems. Drummond used this experience to set up Drummonds Architectural Antiques and quickly established the company as the best architectural antiques dealer in the UK, and subsequently establish Drumonds as a leading manufacturer and retailer of classic and transitional bathroom products..


The roots of Drummonds are deep in craft and design heritage, reaching far beyond their 28 years as makers of bathrooms. Drummonds does not simply create classic and beautiful bathroom pieces, but rediscovers the lost art of making them. Each design is steeped in history, but with a quality that ensures a future legacy. Exciting new products come from both their in-house design team and collaborations with leading product designers, including Martin Brudnizki.


Each one of Drummonds’ bathroom products is manufactured in their own factories. Tubs are made from hand-poured cast iron, using the time-honored sandcasting technique first used in the finest Victorian foundries. Enamelling and hand-finishing of each bath uses their unique use of five layers of thick powdered enamel.

All Drummonds ceramics are crafted using the finest quality English China Clay. Each piece is finished and glazed by hand, giving its own individual character. And each and every piece of Drummonds’ brassware, from a tap head to a towel rail, is hand carved in wax prior to casting. This traditional method allows extremely fine detail to be reproduced exactly as intended.


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