• Larissa Taboryski - Culinary Director

Bosch Convection Steam Oven

The Bosch Convection Steam Oven combines sleek styling with a user friendly interface making it easy to quickly master using this amazing appliance. Foods cooked in Convection have much better moisture retention and because cooking food in Steam inhibits cellular breakdown foods have better flavor, texture and nutrient value, this is a winning combination for great tasting food. Another feature […]


Bosch Benchmark Speed Oven

A compact oven that offers a variety of cooking options is the ideal second oven for the modern kitchen and Bosch really delivers with their new compact Benchmark Speed Oven.  A large Convection easily handles the day-to-day cooking of complete meals and celebration meals and all types of baking but, a smaller compact oven can […]


Bosch Flex Induction Cooktops

The Flex Induction Cooktop is yet another example of the stunning technology and design of the Bosch Benchmark series.  The technology that sets this cooktop apart is the Flex Zone that gives you additional cooking options without compromise.  Defined burners must be used with pans that are compatible in size whereas the Flex Induction Cooktop […]