• Larissa Taboryski - Culinary Director

Thermador Pro Harmony – Product Education Cooking Tips

The Thermador Pro Harmony All-Gas and Dual Fuel ranges offer superb cooking tools so new owners of these ranges are often surprised to find that their cooking doesn’t automatically jump to a new level, that is, until they have had the opportunity to better understand the tools they are cooking with.


Salmon 7 Ways featuring Thermador Appliances

Nutrient rich salmon is a popular choice for a quick easy to prepare meal but if you prepare it the same way every time then it can quickly lose its appeal.  We are often asked at our Thermador classes how to prepare salmon and with the many great cooking options we have with Thermador appliances […]


Broiling Tips – La Cornue Chateau Range

The unique design of the La Cornue ovens ensures amazing results when roasting and baking but both ovens can also be used for successfully broiling meats, fish and vegetables as well as for browning delicate gratins and custards. Broiling is a fast and powerful way to cook foods and the principle is quite simple, the […]