• Larissa Taboryski - Culinary Director

Bosch Flex Induction Cooktops

The Flex Induction Cooktop is yet another example of the stunning technology and design of the Bosch Benchmark series.  The technology that sets this cooktop apart is the Flex Zone that gives you additional cooking options without compromise.  Defined burners must be used with pans that are compatible in size whereas the Flex Induction Cooktop […]


Bosch Benchmark Series – Product Overview

The new Benchmark series of appliances from Bosch bring a whole new level of performance to the modern kitchen with a perfect mix of superb design, technology and practical function. This highly anticipated product launch features products that you know you need such as, large Convection Ovens, Dishwashers and Refrigerators and some that you didn’t know you would […]


Steam Oven Lobster Salad

  Lightly steamed lobster tails are easy to cook in your Thermador steam oven and can be used in a variety of ways.  Sometimes we toss the lobster with some greens with a champagne vinaigrette, other times we chop the lobster and make a traditional lobster roll, or we toss slices of the steamed lobster […]