Freedom Induction

Revisiting Freedom, On The Fourth of July

The launch of Thermador’s Freedom Induction Cooktop earlier this year put induction cooking back in the spotlight. It was very hard to ignore, with Innovations like a Cooktop surface made from transparent ceramic glass, allowing for the integration of a color touchscreen and an interface showing the position of all cookware on the cooking surface – even as the user moves it around.

And while we’ve talked about this Cooktop and others a lot in the past, we realized we’ve never explained in simple terms why people think they’re so cool. Well, ironically, one of the things that makes them cool is how well they heat things up – boiling water in almost half the time of a conventional burner, while distributing heat more evenly and avoiding hot spots in your pots and pans. But the other thing that makes them cool is the fact that they are literally cool to the touch. Because they generate heat through a magnetic interaction with pots and pans, when you take the pots and pans out of the equation, the heat goes with them. What’s this mean? It means your investment in an induction cooktop is not just about owning the coolest burner on the block. It’s about owning a burner that doesn’t burn you, your kids or anyone else who happens to rest their hands or elbows in the wrong spot.

Happy Fourth of July from everyone at Purcell Murray!

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