Modern Family Cast

Modern Kitchen

The kitchen has evolved into the modern family’s living room, where fond memories are created through culinary exploration.

Small, tucked away kitchens have become part of a bygone era, as we no longer associate cooking with outdated scenes of June Cleaver. Now family members gather in this welcoming room to enjoy time before, during and long after meals are being prepared. The modernization of the kitchen has allowed for this. Ovens and cooktops look as good as they cook. Refrigeration is cool on the inside and out. And doing the dishes has become the easiest job in the kitchen.


Thermador Freedom® Induction Cooktop


Thermador Freedom® Refrigerator

While touch screen induction burners may never replace the emotion ignited by seeing a blue and yellow flame, they are certainly gaining popularly. Professional tools, like the convection steam oven and ovens with built-in apps, are being adopted by the masses. Point of use cooling is remapping the kitchen.

Pro Grand® Steam Range

Consumers now have the freedom to build their kitchens around their unique needs thanks to advancement in refrigeration systems, such as dedicated full-length refrigeration and freezer columns that can be combined with specialized produce, beverage, wine and clear ice under-counter products.

U-Line 3036RR Dual Zone Modular Refrigerator

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