Lunch Break with La Cornue

Lunch Break with La Cornue

La Cornue’s president, Xavier Dupuy, and North American Director, Anne Puricelli, sat down with the Wall Street Journal during Wednesday’s Lunch Break to talk about the perfect place to prepare your Thanksgiving dinner –the $100,000 Stove.

La Cornue has a variety of ranges, each meticulously hand-made to order, but the Chateau Series’ is the company’s crown jewel. These ranges have both a gas and electric oven. Explained Puricelli. “The Gas oven is perfect for your meats and your poultry. Whereas your electric oven is perfect for your baking.”

The design of the cooktop is left up to the homeowner – allowing full customization of everything from the number of burners to the type of burners.

But it’s the patented shape of the oven that is the signature feature of the Chateau range – a vaulted ceiling that creates a natural convection system that locks moisture in and assures a perfectly cooked meal. This innovation was part of the first La Cornue, designed in 1908 by Dupuy’s grandfather, Albert Dupuy. “We tried from the very beginning to get the best result after cooking,” Dupuy said. 

You can view the full interview here.

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