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Enjoying The Last Of Summer’s Bounty – Convection Steam Oven Cooking Tips

When you are cooking with a new appliance like a Steam Convection oven it’s helpful to make a cooking plan otherwise you will be getting out your saucepans and cooking the same way you always have instead of putting your amazing oven to work. When you are cooking always ask yourself could I cook this in the Steam Oven and chances are the answer will be absolutely.

Corn is a good example, we are all used to steaming corn on the cooktop but you can just as easily cook fresh corn in the perforated pan in the Steam mode, 210° and, you can also steam some potatoes or broccoli at the same time.  Or for a different flavor experience you can roast the corn using the Combination Convection Steam mode, 350°, allowing 15 minutes for steaming or roasting.

Roasting vegetables at higher temperatures causes the natural sugars to caramelize resulting in greater depth of flavor and since Convection helps retain foods natural moisture and Steam inhibits cellular breakdown the flavor and texture of corn roasted in the Combination mode is spectacular.

Now while your corn is steaming or roasting you have enough time to assemble a simple delicious dessert that can cook while you are eating dinner.  Clafoutis is a delicious warm pudding cake that traditionally uses cherries but can be used with any fruit, it is very easy to prepare and fairly quick cooking.  Remember when baking in the Steam Convection mode you must reduce the recipe temperature by 25°


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