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Bosch Survey: What’s Keeping You Out of the Kitchen?

Why aren’t you cooking? Don’t know what to make? Hate doing the dishes? Don’t have the time? A national survey fielded on behalf of Bosch Home Appliances focuses on the top excuses Americans use to stay out of the kitchen.

The survey was conducted online in April of 2011 by Impulse Research with a random sample of 1,087 men and women, ages 25+.

The results are interesting, with nearly a third of Americans spending their time thinking about cooking, but not cooking and 28 percent doing neither, for lack of cooking prowess.

“It’s surprising that even with all the technological advancements in appliances and a more mainstream foodie culture, Americans are still staying out of the kitchen,” stated Micaela Shaw, Brand Manager for Bosch home appliances in a company issued press release.

Half of those surveyed are leaving the task to a partner/spouse and just aren’t going into the kitchen, except maybe to ask when dinner will be ready.

Not wanting to clean up the mess accounts for 25 percent and general time constraints prohibit 21 percent. However, for 66 percent it’s not the kitchen that’s being avoided, it’s the trip to the grocery store.

“At Bosch, we want to encourage Americans to get back into the kitchen to create meals that they are proud to put on the dinner table. That’s why our appliances are German engineered to make your life in the kitchen easier,” Shaw stated.

Bosch sums up the survey by stating that “from virtually silent dishwashers to smart technology that takes the guesswork out of cooking or prolongs the shelf life of produce, Bosch home appliances offer a complete suite of kitchen appliances that allows home chefs to shine in the kitchen and at the dinner table.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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