Bertazzoni Master Series Range

Italian cuisine is a favorite with people the world over so it’s no wonder that the ranges from Bertazzoni are the ideal tools for the home chef intent on creating wonderful home cooked meals. With 100 years of experience in crafting fine cooking appliances Bertazzoni understands the tools that the home chef needs to cook with and the Master Series range perfectly illustrates the careful thought that has gone into providing those tools.

The Cooktop

The gas cooktop of the Master Series range provides a variety of different strength burners that are perfectly matched for the different foods we cook but, the cooktop features one tool that is simply sensational in it’s ability to provide great power and perfect control, the powerful Multi-Sector Burner.

The ingenious design of this burner actually uses two burners that are independently controlled to provide a combined total of 15,000 btu’s.  Both the outer 12,000 btu burner and the inner 3,000 btu burner can be engaged for high heat cooking, then either burner can be turned off or turned down to provide the desired simmer without having to move a hot, heavy pan to another burner. With a super low simmer rate of 750 btu’s you can easily simmer soups, grain dishes and delicate sauces without any scorching or evaporation of liquids or keep foods warm prior to serving.

Gas Convection Oven

If you are looking for an oven that preheats quickly and provides powerful heat then the Master Series oven is the perfect choice because this oven only needs approximately ten minutes to preheat and for a really quick meal you can use the powerful Infra-Red broiler which heats in under five minutes.

The oven can be used in either the Traditional Bake or the Convection Mode to achieve amazing results with all types of baking and roasting.  The Convection Mode is the tool of choice when cooking a complete meal, slow roasting a large cut of meat, roasting Thanksgiving turkey or baking on several racks at one time while Traditional Bake will give stunning results when baking breads and pizza.

When cooking in the gas oven use the appropriate rack position according to the results you want, for example for crispy roast potatoes or perfect pizza, place the rack in the lowest position.  For evenly baked cookies and pastries move the racks up in the oven away from the powerful bottom heat.

Understanding and appreciating the tools you are cooking with can provide a transformative cooking experience, instead of blindly following a recipe you can evaluate the tools your range provides and choose the tools that will ensure the results you want and without doubt the Bertazzoni Master Series range will deliver the results you want.

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