Convection Meals featuring Thermador – Roasted Summer Vegetable Lasagne

We all love to sit down to a really luscious meal but, unfortunately the time involved in the preparation of such a meal is a luxury we don’t always have time for.  With traditional recipes one thing to keep in  mind is that the preparation method outlined in the recipe was written for the tools available at that time, and much of that work can be simplified by using the tools of our modern appliances. Vegetable lasagna is a good example of such a meal where the preparation of the different components can seem overwhelming, however once you realize so much of the work can be done in the oven using the Convection Mode the task will be much less daunting.

For our lasagna we used eggplant, peppers and portabella mushrooms, ricotta cheese mixed with fresh herbs, layered with noodles, tomato sauce and a mixture of grated Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese. For added flavor we began by broiling the peppers, then we roasted the eggplant slices and the mushrooms. sliced all the vegetables, mixed the herbs with the ricotta cheese and assembled all the ingredients.  The process still took time, at least 40 – 50 minutes but while the peppers were broiling we prepped the other vegetables, and while those vegetables were in the oven we assembled the cheese, sauce and noodles so we had everything prepared to assemble the lasagna. Of course it takes another 40 minutes or so to bake the lasagna but the results are so wonderful it’s definitely time well-spent.


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