Summer Convection Meals featuring Bosch

It’s not uncommon to think that the fastest way to cook a meal is on the cooktop, but in fact it can be faster and easier to cook an entire meal in your oven, the key is to use a Convection Mode.  Foods cooked in Convection have greater moisture retention, require no basting or turning, multiple foods can be cooked at one time with no transference of flavor and best of all clean up is much easier.  An added bonus is the great insulation and cooling system of your Bosch oven so you can stay cool while the meal cooks, all it takes is a little planning.

Spice Rubbed Tri Tip Roast, Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Broccoli and Roasted Corn Salsa

Even though Tri Tip is a very lean cut of beef it is most often cooked on the grill, however we have found that we get great results when we roast it at moderate temperatures using Convection, here are our tips.

1. Season the meat with your favorite dry rub a few hours or a day in advance of cooking and rub a little olive oil into the meat.

2. Roast the meat on a rack in a shallow pan at a moderate temperature 325°, Convection Bake or Convection Roast. If using a meat probe program the probe to 130 – 135 degrees and place the sensor in the thickest part of the meat.  The smaller end of the roast will be cooked to medium-well so you will have something for every taste preference.

3. Cook the meat for approximately 35 minutes or until it reaches the desired internal temperature, then change the cooking Mode to Convection Broil to 450 degrees to give the roast a high heat finish for no more than 4 minutes.

4. Allow the meat to rest for at least 10 minutes prior to slicing and be sure to slice against the grain for tender slices.  It is advisable to cut the smaller piece off entirely before slicing as the grain runs in a different direction in that piece.

While the meat is cooking, prepare the vegetables, cutting the sweet potatoes into thinner slices will insure that everything cooks evenly and is done at the same time.

Toss the broccoli, sweet potatoes and onion with a little olive oil and spread onto a rimmed baking sheet.

Combine the corn kernels, cherry tomatoes, onion and pasilla chili with some vegetable oil and spread onto a rimmed baking sheet.

When you remove the meat from the oven change the Mode to Convection Roast or Convection Bake 350 and roast the vegetables for 12 – 15 minutes.  To give the corn a nice slightly charred flavor change the oven Mode to Broil – Hi setting and cook for 3 -4 minutes till slightly charred.

Cooking on a cooktop requires orchestrating the operation of several burners at one time but cooking a meal in the oven only requires paying attention to the cooking time for each item so with a little planning you may find cooking a meal in your Convection really is the easiest way to cook dinner.





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