Seasonal Convection Meals Featuring Bosch

A delicious meal even one that includes dessert can be prepared with minimum effort using your Convection oven, all it takes is a little planning.  This seasonal Convection Meal features  Roast Salmon with an Avocado Orange Salsa, a Roasted Potato and Butter Lettuce Salad as well as delicious Lemon Cornmeal cake all prepared in a Bosch Convection oven.

Even though we are cooking three items the preparation for each one is fairly straightforward so the first thing to do is make a prep and cooking plan. Depending on the time you have available for prep you can prep and bake the cake first and while it is baking turn your attention to preparing the remainder of the meal or you can get the salmon and potatoes cooking and turn your attention to the cake and bake it while you are enjoying dinner. Cooking does require some effort and planning but look at the rewards, you will have a delicious cake with a generous yield that you can enjoy for several days and if you cook a little extra salmon you can enjoy it with a salad and any extra potatoes can be enjoyed with some eggs for breakfast.

Remember with Convection you can cook a variety of foods at one time with no transference of flavor which makes it easy to cook several different foods at the same time, just be sure to remember that when you baking in a Convection Mode you must reduce the recipe temperature by 25 degrees.


Convection Roast Salmon

Roasted Potato & Butter Lettuce Salad

Lemon Cornmeal Cake




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