Bertazzoni Convection Steam Oven

The new Bertazzoni 30″ Steam Oven is a testament to the Bertazzoni company’s philosophy of producing appliances that are designed by people who love to cook and understand the tools needed to do it well.  A small second oven is a popular choice for day-to-day cooking but for maximum advantage the oven should also offer a variety of cooking functions and an oven like this that features Convection, Steam, Broil and Convection Steam modes certainly delivers.

One advantage of preparing a meal in an oven is the fact that it frees you up from standing at the stove and one of the great advantages of the Bertazzoni Steam Oven are the options available for cooking a variety of meals. For example you can choose to Steam an entire meal including grains, vegetables and fish or chicken or you can Steam/Roast an entire meal with meat or fish and vegetables, or you can use the oven in the Convection mode for baking or roasting and you can also braise fabulous mouth-watering meals or broil or brown a variety of foods.

Since cooking a meal from scratch is not always and option in our fast-paced lives, a tool that re-heats food to perfection giving one the feeling of eating a freshly cooked meal is a really valuable tool and reheating food in the Bertazzoni Steam Oven is just one more feature that makes this oven one of the most exciting tools for the modern kitchen.






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