Tips for Wok Cooking on Induction featuring Bosch Induction Cooktops

One of the features we love about the Bosch Induction cooktops is the almost instant response of power once a temperature is selected, however even though we can bring a great deal of power to each pan, in order to get the necessary sizzle for Wok cooking, we have found that taking the time to let the Wok heat all the way up the sides at a lower temperature ensures more effective results.

When we cook in a Wok on a gas stove we can see the flame envelope the sides of the pan and depending on the weight of the pan can easily gauge how quickly it is heating through. When we use the Wok on an Induction cooktop only the base of the Wok is receiving direct heat, so in order for the sides to become as hot as the base it makes sense to take a little time to let the pan heat evenly throughout.

The real key to successful Wok cooking is having all your ingredients prepped so you can focus on the fast moving cooking process. Many recipes involve cooking the protein at a high temperature then cooking the vegetables at a more moderate temperature before all the ingredients are combined and the cooking is finished at a lower temperature.   Induction is perfect for these rapid temperature fluctuations but getting the Wok properly heat through is crucial.

Bosch Induction Cooktops provide the perfect tools for high-heat cooking but learning how to benefit from all that power takes a little practice and paying attention to the way different pans relate to heat, once you have mastered the process Wok cooking on your Bosch Induction Cooktop will be a joy.

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