Thermador Steam Oven – Cleaning Tips

It’s easy to fall in love with the Thermador Steam Oven with it’s versatile array of cooking, re-heating and defrosting functions but realizing the full benefits of the oven only comes when we make some changes in our cooking habits. For example preparing a simple dinner on the cook-top may involve using a few saucepans and a skillet whereas several different foods can be cooked at one time in the Steam Oven using the small and larger oven cooking containers all of which will go straight into the dishwasher for easy clean-up.

Prior to using the Steam Oven we begin by filling the tank with cold tap water and once a function is selected water comes into the evaporator dish and is heated by a concealed heating element. At the end of the cooking the water in the tank should be emptied and the natural yellow sponge that is provided with the unit should be placed in the evaporator dish to soak up the residual water, if the oven has been used at low temperatures for Steaming or Re-Heating there will be a fair bit of moisture left in the oven that can be wiped dry with a kitchen towel. The sponge can be washed in the dishwasher to keep it fresh and replacement sponges can be purchased directly from the Thermador,  or purchased from fine cookwear stores.

Non toxic cleaning products such as white vinegar and dish soap are of course the best for the interior of the Steam Oven and for baked on grease use products such as Bar Keepers Friend or Bon Ami that scour without scratching, in addition running a Cleaning Cycle every few months will ensure that all the components in the water delivery system remain pristine.  Prior to running the Cleaning Cycle consult the User Guide so you are prepared for the several changes of fresh water that are required towards the end of the cycle to flush the lines.

Keeping your Thermador Steam Oven clean doesn’t require much effort and the reward of great tasting food that is cooked with minimum fuss is definitely worth the effort of the small amount of cleaning and maintenance that is required.



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