Holiday Convection Cooking Tips

Whether you are planning on cooking for a family gathering this holiday season or to entertain friends with an appetizer or dinner party your Convection Oven is the best tool to reduce the stress of cooking multiple foods, all it takes is some planning.

There are two important things to remember when cooking with Convection:

  • When baking in Convection always make sure you have reduced the recipe temperature by 25 degrees
  • Large cuts of meat should be roasted on a rack in a shallow pan to allow the Convection heat to evenly circulate around the food.

Here are a few other helpful tips about Convection cooking that will help you achieve success:

  • Foods cooked in Convection have better moisture retention and there is no flavor transference between different foods.
  • Large roasts will cook much faster in Convection so planning the timing is important. For example a 20lb turkey will cook in just two hours in Convection but you will need to plan at least 50 minutes for the resting, carving and gravy making process, the great thing is that in that time frame you can load the oven up and all the side dishes will be cooked and ready to serve at the same time as the turkey.
  • Foods cooked in Convection do not require brining, turning or basting.
  • As the heat circulates around the oven it cooks food from the edge to the core, that’s why it’s important to reduce the temperature when baking and to avoid higher temperatures for long periods of time when roasting.

Learning to use the tools your Convection oven provides can really change the dynamic of cooking, the challenge is that your recipes will not instruct you to use Convection however, I can assure you that once you enjoy the great results of Convection cooking you will find that cooking can be much less stressful.


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