Bertazzoni Induction Range

Bertazzoni ranges, superbly engineered for the art of cooking are also some of the most stylish cooking appliances available. The newest 30” range in the Professional Series is no exception and, it combines two of our favorite cooking tools, an Induction Cooktop with an Electric Self-Cleaning Convection oven. 

The four burner Induction cooktop features 1 large, 2 medium and 1 small burner to accommodate a variety of pans and each burner features a Power Function for rapid heating as well as a Heating Accelerator. The Heating Accelerator feature automatically adjusts to the chosen cooking temperature once the pan has reached temperature which is a great way to avoid boil-overs or over cooking food.

Some great features of Induction include, the minimal heat loss generated by the burners, the ease of cleaning and even with all that power food can be simmered or held at very low temperatures for long periods of time.

The Convection oven features 8 valuable cooking modes, each using a different combination of the 3 oven heating elements.  Roasting and baking with Convection is desirable because the circulating heat enables us to cook on multiple racks at one time with no transference of flavor.  All you need to do is look at the icon for each Mode which will indicate which elements are engaged in that Mode.  For example for moderate all around cooking the Convection Mode with heat coming only from the Convection element is ideal, for more powerful cooking the Turbo Mode that uses both Convection and the Bottom Heat will provide greater intensity.


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