Close Up with MGS Faucets

They always say looks can be deceiving, but with MGS, what you see is exactly what you get – and more. While most competitors weld with lead and use brass, plastic and copper inside their faucets, MGS uses non-toxic and naturally hygienic solid stainless steel to make nearly every aspect of their fixtures.

spindIntricate solid stainless steel machining results in a wide range of kitchen, bath and outdoor products with architectural appeal and long-lasting strength from the inside out. Every MGS faucet is comprised of thick, commercial grade solid stainless steel, including stainless steel braided hoses, nuts and screws. To add to MGS’ dedication, every element used to construct all fittings and accessories is hand-finished prior to assembly.

MGS stainless steel fixtures merge Italian style and sophisticated design with the accuracy and attention to detail of Swiss engineering, precision manufacturing and uncompromising standards, resulting in the perfect harmony of aesthetics and technology.

And if seeing isn’t believing, given the chance to touch or hold a MGS faucet – the weight, along with the master precision and craftsmanship visible to the eye – further enhance that MGS manufactures quality, solid stainless steel products like no one else in the business.

These images offer a look inside MGS’ sleek and solid stainless steel Spin D kitchen faucet:


Spin D
Slender, minimalist and understated, MGS’ Spin D faucet is sleek yet powerful. Its base features a narrow handle equipped with an easy to operate water lever on the right, with hot water accessed by pushing it back and cold water by pulling it forward. For the “hot” setting, the lever only goes back 17 degrees, allowing it to install in tight configurations without hitting the backsplash. Spin D also offers choices of smooth or machine knurled ring accent details on the mixing valve. The faucet also features a dual spray faucet with an extendable pull-out spout and stainless steel slide button to easily switch from aerated stream to shower stream.


borderGoing further, here is a look at other MGS stainless steel designs that show their newest finish for the kitchen and bath space:

More than a design trend, black finishes have gained popularity in architectural design, automotive and electronics, and the evolution into the home was inevitable. Architects to engineers appreciate stainless steel and PVD technologies, with the process used for many decades primarily in military applications to decrease friction wear on metal parts as well as the automotive industry. High-end watch and jewelry makers also incorporate the use of PVD into their designs to guarantee longevity and a smooth, luxurious finish. MGS has mastered this technique into several collections.


MB282 Widespread Faucet
The MB282 widespread three-hole faucet in Black Steel features a commanding arc spout and round handles with high precision knurling for ease of use, even with wet hands. Multiple versions of this design are also available.


MB439 Thermostatic Shower System
The MB439 thermostatic valves and shower systems in Black Steel offer unrivaled machining on high grade stainless steel to control water temperature and flow with a single feed, creating a custom shower environment. Framed by a rectangular base plate, the two round handles are stacked vertically and feature high precision knurling for a secure grip. Shown with SO612 linear rain showerhead.

vela-dVela D Kitchen Faucet
Vela D in Onyx PVD features a single lever mixer with a substantial base and is equipped with an integrated sleek dual hand-spray, offering a minimalist design. Nesting in place with precision and purpose, the pullout hand-spray is literally an extension of the graceful arc spout with flow patterns that can be easily switched from aerated to shower stream with a unique slide button. Available with smooth or knurled handles, a special Vela D Limited Edition series is also offered in a split finish of brushed and polished stainless steel.

Knowing that a faucet that looks beautiful on the outside is just as well-constructed on the inside is an incredible feat made only possible by MGS.


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