Gaggenau Combi Steam Oven – Baking Bread

Bread baking enthusiasts have developed some ingenious methods for adding steam to traditional ovens to create the ideal baking environment but with a Gaggenau Combi Steam Oven you can customize the percentage of humidity required for proofing and baking and even inject bursts of steam into the oven to help form the perfect crust.

Proofing – for this step we use a low temperature range between 85 – 95 degrees and 60% humidity, once the dough has risen we punch it down and form the loaves then return the formed loaves to the oven for the second rising. Timing is often a little faster than when using ambient room temperature.

Rising – we continue with the same combination of temperature and humidty and again the process is a little faster, once the bread is ready to bake we leave the bread in the oven, slash the tops, raise the temperature and drop the humidity level.

Baking – follow the rule of baking in Convection and drop the recipe temperature by 25 degrees and decrease the humidity setting to 30%.  As the oven heats up touch the Steam Icon on the Display and inject bursts of steam to help the formation of the crust.  Remember when baking in Convection temperature reduction is very important for even consistent results some recipes may require a temperature reduction of 30 degrees.

Bread baking is a rewarding experience and with tools like the amazing Gaggenau Combi Steam Oven it’s hard to go wrong.


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