Thanksgiving Feast – Thermador Steam Range

If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year and are fortunate to have Thermador appliances then don’t panic because, you have the perfect tools at hand to orchestrate the cooking of a fabulous feast.  This video shows how to use the various tools of the Thermador Steam Range but even with a cook-top and one Convection oven these tips will guide you to a stress-free cooking experience…it’s all in the planning and knowing the tools you are cooking with.

Begin by determining what advance cooking and prep you can do the day before and if you really want to be ahead of the curve then it would be a good idea to get some bone-in turkey pieces before Thanksgiving, roast them and then use the bones to make stock because stock is one thing you need a lot of at this time of year. We use stock for our stuffing  and for soups, grain dishes and gravy.

Tasks that we get out of the way the day before include making the cranberry sauce, giblet stock and baking the croutons for the stuffing, we also remove the turkey from the wrapping, wash and dry it and give it a dry rub.  We also prep as many of the vegetables as we can and store them in Ziploc’s or stackable containers. If you are making pies then making the pie crusts and assembling the fillings can also be done a day ahead, pies can also be baked a day in advance.

Remember your Thermador dishwasher has a Quick Wash cycle that is perfect for washing all those prep bowls and lightly used utensils and trays.

The most important aspect of cooking on the day of the feast is timing because you want everything to be ready at the same time.  Turkeys cooked in Convection do cook very quickly but only if you let them sit outside of the fridge and come to almost room temperature in a cool part of the kitchen. We cook our turkey to an internal temperature of 160° during the resting time the temperature will rise to 180°

If using the oven meat probe insert it in the thickest part of the breast close to the thigh but be sure it’s not touching the bone.


20lbs – 2 hours

15lbs – 1 ½ hours

10 – 12lbs – 1 ¼ hours

In addition to the cooking time you need to add in resting time of 20 – 30 minutes + gravy making + carving so you will have another 40 – 50 minutes to complete the feast. 

Modes & Temperatures

Steam Oven – Combination Convection Steam Mode 320 Degrees

Pro Grand Range & Wall Ovens – Convection Roast 350 Degrees

Pro Harmony Ranges – Convection Bake 350 Degrees

Side Dishes

Roasted Vegetables, casseroles and stuffing will cook in about 40 minutes and the benefit of cooking in Convection is that you can load the oven up with all these side dishes and everything will be hot and ready to serve when the turkey is carved.  A few days before the feast stage all the cooking pans in the oven so you can organizes the racks and be sure that everything will fit in the oven.

Having too many items cooking at one time with a lot of people around can be difficult so try to get as much cooktop cooking done in advance as you can and keep those foods warm using the XLO feature of the gas cooktop or the Keep Warm feature of the Induction cooktop. Mashed potatoes, grain pilafs, soups and bean dishes can all be held on the lowest XLO setting of the gas cooktops for a few hours without scorching but be sure to use a heavy bottomed pan.

For best results your turkey should be roasted on a rack in a shallow pan, the rack prevents the hot pan from leaching all the moisture out of the turkey ensuring that it remains incredibly moist.  Once the turkey has rested for 20- 30 minutes, pick it up with two clean kitchen towels and drain the juices out of the bird.  Once you combine these juices with the pan drippings and giblet stock you are ready to make gravy.

Making Gravy

The first step is to skim all the fat that rises to the top off the liquid.  Gravy can be made in the roasting pan or in a saucepan.  For 4-cups of stock you will need

5 – tablespoons all-purpose flour

5 – tablespoons unsalted butter

Combine in a medium sized saucepan over low heat and cook for about 4 minutes, we like to add a few tablespoons of Jack Daniels at this point for flavor and color, cook for a few minutes to thicken then stir in the hot stock and bring to a gentle boil over moderate heat.  Stir with a whisk to thicken and check the seasoning before serving.

You have amazing appliances to work with and by taking the time to do some advance preparation and planning which of the tools you will be using for each dish you really will be able to easily orchestrate a fabulous feast……….Happy Thanksgiving






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