CornuFe – Thanksgiving Turkey Feast

The CornuFe ovens are perfectly designed to easily orchestrate the preparation of an elaborate holiday feast it’s just a matter of understanding which pans and cooking modes to use and the timing. A large feast is a lot to orchestrate but remember large roasts like a turkey cook much faster in Convection and once cooked they do need time to rest before carving which gives you time to make the gravy and cook all your side dishes to perfection.  Be the conductor not the slave!

Cooking is all about planning so start by making a plan.

Decide which oven you want to roast the turkey in and organize the racks.

Timing, Temperature & Modes

12 – 15lb Turkey – 1 1/2 hours Convection 325 degrees

15 – 20lb Turkey – 2 hours Convection 325 degrees

Plan which side dishes you want to cook in the oven such as roasted vegetables, gratins, casseroles and stuffing, stage the oven with the racks and pans you want to use when the oven is cold so everything is set to go. Use the drop down rack for casserole dishes to allow for additional air-flow in the oven and remember 1/2 sheet pans will slide directly into the oven tray slides.

Season the turkey the day before cooking with kosher salt and your preferred seasoning and bring close to room temperature before cooking.

Most vegetables can be prepped the day before roasting and stored in bags or containers in the fridge. Yellow fleshed sweet potatoes and potatoes are best done the day of to avoid turning brown.

Cranberry sauce can be made in advance and of course turkey stock and even the gravy can be made in advance. Just roast some turkey pieces then make stock with the bones, be sure to add  a little stock to the roasting pan to release the pan drippings for a really flavorful gravy.

If you are super organized and have some good kitchen assistants you can bake some pies in one oven while the turkey roasts in the other and once the turkey is being carved you can quickly pop biscuits in the vacant oven…….you  have the tools at hand but of course additional hands on board to help with each task is also crucial.

All the tips outlined in the video also apply to preparing a Thanksgiving feast in the Albertine range. For details cooking tips and recipes for your Thanksgiving feast see the CornuFe Cooking Tips at



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