Thermador Steam Range – All Those Tools Make Cooking Easy

When planning menus you are most likely focused on the method of preparation for each dish but, in order to really benefit from using your new Thermador appliances it’s also a good idea to think about which tools you can use for cooking each dish so you can more easily orchestrate the entire meal.

The Steam Range, for example gives you a motherlode of tools to work with ,so  let’s look at how to plan a holiday brunch using those tools.

Bacon and sausage can be cooked on the griddle and kept warm in the oven or warming drawer so it’s best cooked first. Hot rendered fat is an issue when cooking quantities of bacon but on the griddle you can keep scraping the grease into the drip tray and in about 20 minutes easily cook 2-lbs of bacon without creating a lot of splatter or smoke (that ventilation does come in handy!).

It’s best to let the grease cool before you try to handle the removable drip tray but if you need to remove it when it’s hot you can ladle it out or just use some washable kitchen towels to carefully pick it up and pour the grease into a container to harden.

Once the bacon and sausage are cooked you can use the griddle for items you would normally cook in a skillet, crab cakes or crab melts, french toast, grilled panini sanwiches, sauteed vegetables or even a savory fried rice.  If these items are all prepped you can just cook them as needed.

The XLO simmer feature is of course a great tool to use to keep syrup warm or to hold a chili or a soup so guests can help themselves and of course the Convection oven is ideal for baking muffins or scones or a delicious savory bread pudding or frittata.

Making eggs to order is a bit tricky when you have a crowd but if you poach them in the steam oven you can make a dozen ramekins at a time and keep the flow going as long as needed, it will only take 6-minutes per batch.  All you need to do is prepare the fillings in advance and place a little in each ramekin with some cheese, when ready to cook crack the egg into the ramekin and place the ramkins (use the perforated pan) into the steam oven.  Steam Mode – 5 – 6 minutes.

You can also use the steam oven to warm up pastries from your favorite bakery or to steam some tamales or dumplings, you get the idea

The warming drawer will of course keep all your dishes nice and warm the dishwasher takes care of clean up and hopefully you have enjoyed your own party.

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