Tips for Convection & Rotisserie Prime Rib Roast

When planning to roast a Prime Rib the most important thing to remember is give yourself plenty of time there is no need to rush, low and slow is the way to go and, because the meat needs to rest for 30-40 minutes prior to carving plan to cook several side dishes in your Convection oven at one time and your meal will be perfectly orchestrated.  Of course don’t forget you can hold foods like mashed potatoes on your Thermador Extra-Low burner for 1 ½ hours without fear of scorching.

I have outlined three different methods we have tried with great success using the Convection Roast mode (Convection Bake in the Pro Harmony Range ovens) and each method yields great results whichever method you choose you really can’t go wrong.  Here are some tips on timing to help you plan the cooking time. These times are based on the meat reaching an internal temperature of 135 degrees.

Low Temperature Roast Options –these methods are essentially the same, in one we start with high heat in the other we end with high heat, in either method the meat needs to rest for at least 40 minutes prior to carving.  When Prime Rib is cooked in this method the meat will be uniformly pink throughout.

15lb roast – approximately 5 hours

9lb roast – approximately 3.5 hours

7lb roast – approximately 2.5 hours

Roasting or Rotisserie at 350 Degrees – cooking Prime Rib in this method will yield meat that is more  well done on the edges but still rosy pink in the center. High heat can be used either at the beginning or end of the cooking process for additional crisping and browning.

15lb roast – approximately  2 hours

9lb roast – approximately 1.5 hours

7lb roast – approximately 1.25 hours


Rotisserie Prime Rib – Thermador Professional Ovens

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