Seasonal Convection Tips – Baking Ham in Convection

Heating a large ham can be a time consuming process but you can shorten the heating time and keep the ham deliciously moist by using the Convection mode. When ham is heated in Radiant heat it is important to cover it because Radiant heat has a drying effect upon food, however Convection heat circulates around the food cooking it from the edge to the core and in the process helps retain much of the natural moisture.  Allow approximately 1 hour using the Convection or Convection Bake Mode 325 degrees to heat the ham, then brush with your preferred glaze and continue cooking for another 20 – 25 minutes.  When using the Steam Oven to heat a ham, use the Combination Mode 320 degrees, then when you glaze the ham change the mode to Convection 320 degrees for the final 20-25 minutes.

If your ham is spiral sliced then be sure to keep it covered because it will dry out even in Convection.

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