Thermador Steam Oven Cooking Tips -Convection Steam Mode

The Combination Convection Steam Mode is a versatile cooking mode that can be used for braising, baking or roasting meats, fish and vegetables.  It is very easy to adapt recipes to cook using this mode, just follow these simple tips.

Braising – follow the recipe for the initial preparation of the dish but instead of cooking the dish in a heavy pan with a tight fitting lid, put the food in a 2-3″ deep casserole dish and cook in the Steam Oven without a cover.  320 – 300 degrees is the ideal temperature for braising in the Steam Oven.

Roasting Meats – when roasting lean tender cuts of meat 330 – 250 degrees is the ideal temperature however for a crisp evenly browned finish,  change the mode to Convection and increase the temperature to 400 degrees for the final 12-15 minutes of roasting. This way the meat will be perfectly cooked through and have an appealing finish.

Roasting Vegetables – 350 degrees is the ideal temperature for baking whole potatoes or roasting a medley of assorted vegetables.

Roasting Fish – the combination of Steam and Convection is a powerful one so 330 degrees is a good temperature for roasting fish evenly without overcooking it.

Baking Bread – remember the most important rule when baking in Convection is to reduce recipe temperatures by 25 degrees sometimes a temperature reduction of 30 degrees will yield best results.  There is only one way to know for sure… attention and either reduce recipe temperatures or change the mode to Convection only for the last 8-10 minutes of cooking.

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