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Front Load Laundry

Are you a top-load or a front-load kind of laundry-doer? You probably haven’t thought much about it. After all, a washer is a washer, no matter how the clothes go in, right?

Not exactly.

A long-time staple of laundromats, front-load washers are fairly new to the consumer market, and only recently available to purchase for home use. However, they’re the perfect choice for eco-friendly households. Front-load washing machines are much more energy efficient than their top-load cousins because they require less water to properly clean and rinse clothes, thanks to a horizontally-placed drum that moves clothes in and out of water as it turns. The machine therefore doesn’t require a high level of water to cover the entire load; all of your pieces get a turn getting dunked in the water, so the machine is able to use less. Many machines use smart technology to further control the amount of energy and water expended during the wash cycle.

Front-load washers also spin faster than top-loads, reaching speeds of up to 1,000 rpm. Why do you care? Because the faster a washer can spin, the more water it can expel from your clothes, and the less and energy it will take to dry them. (Of course, your delicates and hand-washables will be well taken care of, as most frond-load machines also offer gentler speeds and settings for your clothes that require more mild care.)

Besides saving resources, a front-load washer can save you space. Stack a companion dryer directly on top of it, or use the surface for extra storage or work area.

The Bosch Vision line of washers are among the most energy-efficient on the market, and offer a spectrum of features to suit you and your family’s laundry needs. Choose from the 500 series if your kids rough-and-tumble running around is hard on their endless pairs of jeans – the Jeans Cycle cleans denim while reducing wrinkling and fading – or select a 300 series model featuring an Anti-Vibration System for smooth, near-silent operation. Whatever your washing style, Bosch offers plenty of front-load laundry options for you to choose from. Visit to find out more about Bosch front-load washers.

  • Mina

    I didn’t know that front-load washing machines use less energy than those of top-load.

    Thanks for the information.