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A recent survey conducted by a leading appliance manufacturer in conjunction with the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), revealed that almost 90 percent of the 573 kitchen designers polled said their clients either always or usually rely on their professional opinions regarding a kitchen’s ventilation needs. In addition, 86 percent of the designers said their clients are less knowledgeable about kitchen ventilation appliances compared to other appliances.

When asked about the kitchen products they use in the majority of their projects the results were as follows: graph.jpgSurvey results reflect a standard rounding error due to fractional responses of designers surveyed.
img1.jpgBEST® Clears the Air
BEST has been working to make sure that kitchen designers understand the importance of proper kitchen and bath ventilation with its ongoing partnership with the NKBA and its “Clearing the Air: Fresh Ideas in Ventilation” program. The NKBA approved program is designed to arm the kitchen and bath design community with valuable information about the importance of home ventilation since Americans spend almost 90 percent of their time indoors. The presentation takes designers step-by-step through the process of determining which ventilation products best suit each kitchen and bathroom, taking into consideration space limitations, design elements and the needs of the end-user.

One Chapter at a Time
“Clearing the Air” focuses on the
importance and the effectiveness of ventilation specifications of any
planned kitchen. Proven by the variety of both kitchens and bathrooms
that are currently featured in many home design and home improvement
publications, homeowners’ all have different views when it comes to
designing their dream kitchen. For example, while many designers see a
range hood as a centerpiece, others choose to integrate it. Whatever
the case, it is critical that kitchens today have an effective ventilation system and it is the responsibility of the designer to offer
homeowners suggestions on the best kitchen ventilation to match their
vision. While many of the kitchen designers who attend NKBA meetings are
experienced designers who have planned kitchens with updraft systems
for years, many of them haven’t seen the engineering improvements in
downdraft systems available today. It is important to show how they no
longer interfere with storage below and how today’s filters are easily
removed and cleaned in a dishwasher. Cook top ventilation not only
removes excess cooking heat and household “outgas” from a kitchen, but
also: improves air flow through the home; reduces mold and bacteria
build up on countertops and cooking areas; and decreases mildew,
peeling and discoloration of wallpaper and paint due to moist air and
contaminants. In addition it minimizes the accumulation of cooking
odors and grease in curtains; and lessens the circulation of spores and
pollen from plants that can aggravate allergies.

Anatomy of Kitchen Ventilation
newest program, the “Anatomy of Kitchen Ventilation,” takes an in depth
look at the key to proper and adequate kitchen ventilation by
discussing important elements of range hood installation such as:
blower versus duct requirements; installing a recirculating hood; sound
level ratings; different blower options; and the benefits of having a
custom designed hood. In addition, it also provides tips on how to
simplify the process for any craftsman to ensure a smooth installation.

Best SolutionsSV5I2_4_Winter2010_lo_res-V5-4.jpgKeeping Your Clients in the Know
52 percent of the designers polled feeling that that their clients rate
design as their top purchasing decision, it’s crucial that today’s
customer is made more aware of the different types of ventilation
systems that are available for both the kitchen and bath as well as the
benefits of proper ventilation and aesthetics. Both programs offered to
the NKBA chapters from BEST give designers the tools they need to
properly educate their customers so they can make an informed decision
when designing the kitchen and bath that they’ve always envisioned. To
schedule a presentation, contact us!

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