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Oven Baby Back Ribs – Adapting Favorite Recipes To Cooking In Convection

When it comes to making tender to the bone flavorful ribs there are many good recipes to choose from but 3 important steps in the method are always the same. Season the meat in advance with a dry rub, cook the ribs low and slow for a few hours and finish on high heat with your own secret recipe BBQ sauce, pretty simple and fail safe. Some recipes suggest “simmering” the ribs for a few hours others to baking them wrapped in foil and of course there is smoking however, if you have a Convection oven then the features of your oven leave the door open to the possibility of using a completely different technique for cooking ribs.

These fabulous ribs were prepared during a recent Dine & Learn Convection Cooking Class that was held in our Huntington Beach Showroom taught by Cathy Dyla. Cathy’s Convection technique couldn’t be easier, start with the dry rub, then cook the ribs uncovered on a rimmed baking sheet in the Convection mode 325° for 2 hours. During the last hour of cooking baste the ribs every 20 minutes with your secret BBQ sauce. This method works well because when we cook in Convection foods retain moisture whereas to create that moisture in a radiant heat oven you need to wrap the ribs in foil.

When adapting recipes to cook in Convection the rule of thumb is to follow the traditional recipe for the seasoning but follow the method for Convection cooking.

Purcell Murray hosts Dine & Learn Convection Classes in both our Brisbane and Huntington Beach Showrooms on a monthly basis that teach how to adapt traditional recipes to successfully cook in Convection and I would have to say Cathy came up with a winner with this recipe, completely easy, so delicious and with minimal clean-up.

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