San Francisco Cooking School to Open this Fall!

Beginning in January 2013, the San Francisco Cooking School (SFCS) will offer specialized programs for culinary enthusiasts in the Bay Area. Founder Jodi Liano hopes to provide students the opportunity to experience what a professional chef does – in a professional setting. In an effort to support future students and help Liano’s vision evolve, they’ve selected more than 25 high-end appliances from brands like Thermador, Franke and U-Line. 

SFCS’s curriculum will revisit the basics of culinary arts; exploring things like, cooking chemistry and “sensory enthusiasm” through an experiential, method-based approach instead of the traditional textbook way.

“The best thing a culinary school can do is to train their students to be smart cooks. Students at SFCS will learn methods of cooking, what it means to taste and season food, and how to work efficiently in a kitchen. Cultivating an instinctive knowledge of the hows and whys of food is what’s lacking in many of the traditional programs that exist out there today.” – Daniel Patterson Chef/Owner, Coi, Plum and Plum Bar

Click here to learn more about what the school offers and how you can get involved!

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