Don’t forget the garbage

Restaurant Consultant, former Chef and Author Jan Weimer thinks, “The best cook’s kitchens operate like conveyor belts. They’re organized to accommodate cooking, cleanup and storage without your having to constantly double back.”

But even if your kitchen isn’t divided into these specific work zones – even if it’s not the most efficient system around – Weimer does makes a good point. The less time you have to spend worrying about kitchen cleanup, the more time you can spend enjoying friends, family and food.

And with Broan, kitchen hygiene is taken to a whole new level. A stylish one – making trash removal seem like less of chore and more of design statement.

The Broan Elite and Elite XE series reduce waste volume by 75% and are fully equipped with a crushing mechanism, odor removal system and electronic controls. Not to mention the custom decor options that allow for a seamless integration into your kitchen.

What we’re saying is that Broan compactors practically do the work for you … and what’s not to love about that?

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