Breakfast: it’s what you (should) do

According to Co.Exist, people who eat breakfast are smarter and skinnier. Of course we’ve all heard versions of this before. But it’s obvious that knowing it isn’t doing anything to change our breakfast-less ways – Co.Exist’s data shows that 93% of Americans think that breakfast is the most important meal, yet only 44% eat it every day. What is it that makes us want to replace breakfast with an extra cup of jo or worse, wait ‘til lunch to eat? We’re not hungry, we’re too busy, etc. The excuses are many, but there is one solution that could conquer them all: a breakfast you can’t resist. And that could be in reach – if you visit one of our culinary & product education classes. You’ll find out how to get the very most out of your appliances, which could translate into the perfect pancake, omelet or crepe. Just try to say no to that every morning. We dare you.

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