A look at history: the oven

As ubiquitous of an appliance as it may seem, the oven actually tells us a lot about history and the way our culture has changed with time. Not just in regard to food, either. In fact, since its earliest form in 29,000 B.C., the oven has done its job; and, a job well done.

We’ve seen it transform from a simple pit in the earth (indicating civilization) – to a ceramic construction (introducing the baker as a profession in society) – to a gas version (setting the standard for kitchen modernity) – to the microwave, (using radiation waves to produce heat).  And when we thought it was over, Thermador didn’t stop.

For the last 50 years, the company has led the industry through innovation and design – starting with the first wall oven with matching built-in cooktop and now, its 2012 Professional and Masterpiece models.

Just recently, Thermador announced the newest features of these ovens, some of which include: an integrated rotisserie, heavy-duty broiling system and telescoping racks with slam-preventative hinges. What’s even more impressive? The appliance’s 4.7-cubic-foot capacity can hold up to 45 lbs. – making this not only the most practical range in its class, but a luxurious one, too.

(Credit: cnet)

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